Nicole Moody

Nicole Moody is a fifth-year Doctoral Degree Candidate in the MIT department of chemistry. As a Tata-MIT GridEdge Solar Fellow, she leads toxicological analysis and risk assessment of heavy-metal-based materials and technologies and designs novel fabrication methods and barrier films for emerging thin film photovoltaics to improve their scalability. She is involved with chemistry education and outreach, serving as a workshop developer at the MIT Museum, a teaching assistant in the Office of Minority Education, and an instructor in the MIT Interphase EDGE program. As Director of Employer Relations, Nicole looks forward to connecting her peers with a vast array of opportunities that will allow them to hone their skills and showcase their incredible talents.

Why Did You Decide to Become a Director?

I want to promote opportunities for graduate students, not only as fair attendees, but as volunteers and possibly future directors.
— Nicole Moody